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Welcome to the Sumo fiction WikiaEdit

Weirdest Wiki You Will Ever Find! it is about the actient japaneese sport of sumo. but with a twist...

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Sumo, an ancient Japanese sport originating some time from 20-80 BC. unlike much of the media you in America have probably seen about (unless you are in the 1980's or 90's, perhaps early 2000's, no?) it is not just 2 fat Japanese people trying to push each other out of a circle. there are sumo wrestlers from around the world! there are sumo wrestlers from Europe, Brazil, Missouri, Hawaii, Mongolia, and even Egypt! there are sumo wrestlers who only weigh 120 pounds! although sumo wrestlers can weigh up to (so far) 550 pounds! BUT! this wiki is about sumo events that didn't actually happen. (some of them did, but at different dates.) so if you know what sumo is or if you don't, please enjoy!

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